There’s something new on the horizon in London, ON

Archer + Kow is a DJ and promotions collective making waves here in London, ON. This team, consisting of two very passionate people, Kevin McKay and Allison Oosterman, have been at it all year, creating events unlike any others happening currently.

They aim to “create an atmosphere of community and connectivity in London’s music and arts scene” with emphasis on showcasing the broad range of talent here in the Forest City from DJs, to producers, to general innovators.

Archer Kow London ON
Kevin and Allison of Archer+Kow. Photo via Facebook / @ArcherKow

“We had been friends for years but always felt like we had a larger purpose to give back,” Allison told us in an interview at LondonFuse HQ.

With Kevin’s musical abilities and social media experience, along with her background in social media, Archer + Kow (he’s a Taurus, and she’s Sagittarius thus the Archer and the Kow) came together seamlessly to create safe spaces and fantastic events for anyone to enjoy.

“Our events are a community development opportunity,” said Kevin, and for anyone who’s been out and about to one quickly realizes people from all backgrounds can partake and have fun.

Archer Kow 4
Making things happen at REVolution Nightclub. Photo via Facebook / @ArcherKow

Allison continued “We welcome everyone. We want the weirdos, we want the misfits. We want anyone who’s looking to have a positive experience.”

It’s all in the experience…

Throughout this past summer especially, Archer + Kow were busy bees, holding Frequency Fridays at Revolution Nightclub every other week along with many other events all across the city.

Fuse’s personal fave are their “Secret Garden” parties, occurring in different, secret locations each time in which the address was revealed day of. Anyone who attended felt the immediate positive energy radiating from every single attendee. And on top of that, like with any Archer + Kow shindig, there’s so much to look at with their expertly arranged floral decor and ample amounts of decorative lighting.

Archer Kow 3
DJ Kow doing his thang at Secret Garden 2. Photo via Facebook / @ArcherKow

In addition to those events, LondonFuse was lucky enough to have the crew decorate and DJ our Can Opener One Year Anniversary party on September 29. It was the night of nights with great drinks, candy, a whole lot of dancing, and good vibes injected into the atmosphere through music and friends.

For many years now, London has had a strong and passionate electronic music community, but Archer + Kow are doing something different. It’s not just about the party itself according to them. It’s about how music can connect human beings to one another and, on a broader scale, to immediate surroundings and atmosphere.

Keeping that party going. Photo via Facebook / @ArcherKow

“We believe London needed and wanted this and that’s a massive part of what keeps us going” they told us. And we thank them for it.

What’s up next?

So what’s coming for Archer + Kow? Lots, as per usual and we can’t wait to see them continue to grow and spread the love. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates and all upcoming events!

Feature photo via Facebook / @ArcherKow


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