James Kirkpatrick aka Thesis Sahib, might deserve the title of ‘hardest working man in show business’, because the artist just doesn’t stop.


A visual artist and musician, James volleys his attention and creativity between touring his latest musical release, Warm Computers (released on October 12) and his upcoming art show To The Unseen Future opening at the Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery in Sarnia on November 2.

This is not uncommon for James, as he often has more than one project on the go at once. So what keeps him from just binge watching Big Mouth on Netflix like everyone else?

James said that he still does, but when he is enjoying down time, he is able to get more creative ideas from silly cartoons and new music.

He’s always thinking about what his next project is going to be and doesn’t let himself relax too much because he doesn’t want to let the idea pass. Because, he says, you never know what can come from an idea when your brain is in sleep mode.

James’ To The Unseen Future show may be opening in Sarnia in two weeks, but it has the potential to tour across Canada. This is nothing new to James, who has experienced lauding for his work across Canada but would consider the work he did on train cars as a young(er) pup to be his first “rolling show” touring across Canada.

James pays tribute to his past as a graffiti artist on Warm Computers with the song ‘Ink or Paint‘, a slower track, chugging along to a steady beat regaling his time spent in train yards with friends and fellow artists.

DJ Funken

From October 12 – 20 he was touring Warm Computers with French producer/multi-instrumentalist Funken (co-creator of Awards), as well as Danger Grove, a collaboration between Jesse Dangerously, an alt hip hop artist from Nova Scotia and Lizard ‘Liz’ Grove, a producer and beat-maker from Colorado.

Returning to London, James is performing with Funken (as Awards), Danger Grove with Kay The Aquanaut and Lee Reed at the Taproot on Saturday, October 20 from 9 p.m. – midnight. Link here!

It’s an all-ages show but alcohol will be served. Tickets are $10.


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