All Women’s Voices is a Radio Western tradition.

What began as a closed circuit station for the students at the University of Western in 1959 has grown to become a regional station for Southwestern Ontario. With an aim to promote alternative music (alternative from commercial stations) Radio Western puts an emphasis on playing  Canadian and local artists.

Powered by a 6000 watt transmitter (located at the tippity top of London’s tallest building, One London Place) the signal transmits sweet, alt sounds for a 160KM radius from the centre of London.

All Women’s Voices Day is a special day of programming at London’s alternative radio station, 94.9FM.

When to listen / what to expect

On Wednesday Dec. 6, our regular programming will be pre-empted for ALL WOMEN’S VOICES – a 20+ year tradition of programming on the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre in 1989.

December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, so Radio Western is planning a day of awareness, exposure, and fun & entertaining broadcasting.

This upcoming AWV is the latest in a long line of women making this a day of outreach, collaboration, music, awareness, and celebration. That is a great feat considering the heavy subject matter that named the day and we are proud to continue this tradition.

Awareness, Exposure, and Fun & Entertaining

We have booked many exciting and inspirational women to play music, co-host a show, program a show, or come on air for an interview.


Each woman involved will be presenting you with voices of inspiration either in music, advocacy, support services, tech, the arts, and mental health.

How to get involved

Tune in on your FM dial at 94.9FM or listen online. We are still welcoming musicians and community members to be involved by voicing a promo celebrating the day and recognizing the victims of the Montreal Massacre.

By using our voices to bring awareness to the amazing women in London and pay respect to those we have lost, this is one way that Radio Western is trying to bring our community closer.

Through music, celebration, mindfulness, and communication we hope to inspire you to raise your voice for those who suffer abuse or prejudice, or are silenced because they are women.

Who’s comin’ with me?

Here’s the (growing) list of kickass women joining us for All Women’s Voices Day:

Najwa Zebian: a poet and author who CRUSHED IT at Words Fest this year. Najwa is a Lebanese born Londoner who speaks for those who cannot use their voice.
Check out her TED TALK here:

Kim Alpert: Creative Designer, artist, musician, and general badass with a wry sense of humour and big badass glasses to boot!

The women who are REDESIGNING THE SPECULUM (read interview in WIRED Magazine):

Nikki Brew: Pride London Festival Director and local LGBTQ+ spokesperson

Jess Santos and Shayna Patterson: Creators of the Punk Rock Flea Market, London’s fastest-growing event for local vendors, makers, and artists.

On Wednesday, Dec. 6 tune that FM dial to 94.9FM in London and the surrounding area or listen online at

If this is the kind of thing you like to see more of in the world, check out these other radio stations with women at the helm:

Nissa FM “music, change, success” – Palestine

Radio Sana – Pul-e-khumri, Afghanistan


Manooré FM – Senegal

GRLZradio – Chicago

MAMA FM – Uganda

WHER – America’s First All Woman Radio Station (1955)

And for kicks, here is a website where you can spin the globe to listen to ANY RADIO STATION IN THE WORLD in real time.

If you identify as a woman and want to be involved, please email with the subject line “I want to be a part of AWV Day!” and we will work with you to make you a part of this awesome event.


Feature photo courtesy of CHRW Radio Western Archives



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