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London, Canada
Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pamela Haasen, Executive Director

Pamela Haasen LondonFuse Staff member
photo by Jim Kost

Pamela has been with Fuse since 2014 and began as Program Director. Before that she was a volunteer contributor and Fuse TV host.

What matters to her is that LondonFuse becomes a resource for the city and that London, in return, opens up to more (and different) cultural experiences to offer the people that live here. She is a drummer, boxer, photographer, manager, indoor activities enthusiast (reading, being quiet), and avid movie watcher and music listener.

Her hope for London:

I would love it if the city would create a space for weirdo artists to perform and display their work, play their music and for non-performers to walk around and take it all in. Like a street fair that never shuts down. Heck, do it in Westmount Mall, I’d go!”

Nicole Borland, Program Director

Nicki has been working with LondonFuse for 5 years now. It all started with the very first call for interns in January of 2012, when she promptly applied and, “to her utter glee,” was accepted.

She has been a contributor ever since and credits much of her development as a writer to work done at Fuse. During this time, Nicki served on the Fuse Board of Directors, was afforded numerous volunteer and professional opportunities, and completed a master’s thesis based on work done with this organization.

All of these experiences culminated in a fateful day in May of 2016 when she took on the role of Program Director. Now, Nicki feels so lucky to work with amazing colleagues, contributors, and board members while promoting the London arts and culture community everyday.

Her hope for London:

That one day every vacant, beautiful, historically significant building downtown are occupied by more than a the white light of a nameplate. London is filled with so many dedicated, creative people and with more spaces for them to flourish in, our city will get better, one repurposed structure at a time.”