We did it, everyone!

We made it through winter! As we say goodbye to the last piles of snow throughout our Forest City, we look forward to the rebirth that spring provides. 

Happy Springtime New Year!

Spring is a particularly significant part of the year. It’s when we plant the seeds we hope to reap in the heat of Summer and to harvest in Autumn before the cold night of Winter returns. Spring is the breaking dawn and our collective inhalation after having held our breath. Across the globe for millennia, people have celebrated the renewal that the Vernal Equinox signifies — I’ve considered it the “real new year” for a while now, and I have to say, I think the plants and animals agree with me. If your New Year’s resolutions look a little dusty or straight-up defunct, I would encourage you to reinvigorate yourself with the new beginnings happening all around you! 

Spring has sprung, there are songs to be sung, bells to be rung, and flings to be flung. If you’re like me, however, you like to have a little insight into what songs, bells, and flings need singing, ringing, and flinging, respectively. With that in mind, I’ve once again gone ahead and asked the big ol’ universe what we might want to keep our eyes on while the cycle of the seasons begins anew. 

Here We Go Again!

I may sound like a broken record, but Tarot doesn’t necessarily foretell what is going to happen. Instead, use this information as you would a weather report  — a magical weather report. Even though I’m familiar with the signs and portents, there’s always wiggle room for surprises. And considering what cards came up, I would say surprises are going to be plentiful and profound. 

So, with an open-ended “What can I learn about London, Ontario, and what Spring has in store for it?” I close my eyes and dive in. 

Insert Shuffling Noises Here

Cut and shuffled thrice, the deck provides me with the reversed King of Pentacles, the reversed Magician, and the reversed Wheel of Fortune. Oy vey.



First things first, yes, all three cards are reversed. Second things second, no, this doesn’t necessarily mean something “bad” in the traditional sense. A handy acronym to use when dealing with reversals is W.I.N.D. This means that the energy of the upright card has been weakened, inverted, negated, or delayed. This can certainly mean some strife, but again, not in the way you may initially expect. That being said… 

The King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is defined as an “established resource.” The Pentacular dominion over money, health, and material things leads to an impression of success and plenty. This king has stayed the course, played the long game, and as a result, he has outwardly manifested his material goals. He can usually be found outside when not grinding, enjoying the physical world of sport and nature.

Although the King is considered a masculine force, this has nothing to do with gender, instead referring to the exerting push outward of spiritual masculinity — as opposed to the embodying pull inward of spiritual femininity. Many times, the court cards will refer to specific people or parts of oneself. This reversed twin of the King can speak of financial ineptitude, materialism, obsession with status, and lording one’s success over others. This king has either wasted his fortunes or is a terrible winner when it comes to his successes. This is also linked to dishonesty, as peacockery is typically hyperbolic. 

The Magician

The Magician is card number one, and he is the hallmark of talent, capability, and manifestation. Keywords include; confidence, expertise, resourcefulness, power, and particularly, success. This is shown in his possession of all the suits of Tarot on his altar, his ouroboros belt, and the infinity symbol (or lemniscate) floating above his head. He is in control of himself, aware of his strengths and foibles, and focused on bringing his thoughts from the higher realms into the actionable world — which he usually does.

However, head down, feet up, this normal genius has bad luck. His typical confidence can be marred by insecurity, his focus can become scattered, and he can experience that temporary amnesia we all do: forgetting the gifts and qualities we have at our disposal. Sometimes he can even be fundamentally unaware of his untapped potential. If he still possesses all of his faculties, however, his impressive will and talent can turn to manipulation — creating, taking, and using with no regard for effect or harm. 

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune rolls into a reading when change is afoot. There are plenty of cards signifying change; the Moon (cyclical change), the Tower (sudden change), and Death (transformative change) to name a few, but the change this card tackles is in regard to what has come before it. This usually hints at a reversal of fortune, or the simple adage “What goes around comes around.” A karmic comeuppance of sorts.

Since it’s connected to both fire (the element of change) and Jupiter (Zeus’ Roman counterpart who started a new era of dominion on Olympus), things never stay the same when this card is in play. Though it seems hard to imagine a wheel being upside down, the reversal can instead refer to rigidity and resistance to any change at all. But wait! That same rigidity, if harnessed, can also signify the breaking of an established cycle, turning the wheel on its head. 

Okay London, Here’s The Deal

I get it, you knew change was coming, and it may have been more than you had bargained for. The constant flux makes it hard to feel stable and secure, but don’t forget all of the things you’ve done and lessons you’ve learned along the way. You’re conflicted and spending a lot of energy trying to reconcile the hard work and sacrifice you’ve made versus your dashed expectations. While that’s understandable, don’t let it detract from the flexibility necessary for dealing with what is.

If you’re able to remember all that you have at your disposal and remain focused on what you want to enact in the world, it’s possible to break any seemingly concrete cycles you may be experiencing. Don’t get in your own way. This Spring, go inward a bit and remember what got you to this point in the first place: you.  

Suit Yourself!

It’s easy, especially after Winter, to forget that things are waiting to burst back to life when the time is right. Change can be a great thing too, just ask the crocuses and robins that now festoon the city once again.

Remember, you’re full of life, even if you can’t seem to see it beneath the last bit of Winter’s snow.  

See you in the Summer! 


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