This summer, be sure to visit one of Downtown London’s patios!

There’s a variety amongst Downtown London patios, in terms of seating, meals, and entertainment. You’ll be sure to find something whether you want to try new brews, listen to live music, or even read a book.

Check out part two of our patio guide below, and be sure to read part one.

London Ale House

288 Dundas Street

The London Ale House offers three patios.

The front patio overlooks Dundas Street where guests can people watch. The beer garden has lots of seating and a grapevine providing shade on the hottest summer days. An alleyway lounge area offers places for people to read a book or work on their laptop.

People on the patio at the London Ale House in London, Ontario
Visit the London Ale House’s Beer Garden to enjoy some shade through the grapevines.

Michelle Petro, manager of London Ale House, said although there’s construction aplenty downtown, Londoners and out-of-towners should support local businesses in the area.

“There are a lot of hidden gems down here,” she said. “And it’s always fun for someone to see it for the first time.”

The menu is vast, with more than 20 appetizers and over 100 types of beer to choose from, in addition to breakfast options and mixed drinks.

Lone Star Texas Grill

660 Richmond Street

Lone Star Texas Grill has a bar, patio tables, and lounge chairs on its rooftop patio.

Carly “Mystique” Tuff, assistant manager of Lone Star, recommended the margaritas, which are $5 on Fridays, and their famous fajitas.

Rick McGhie playing at the Lone Star Texas Grill in London, Ontario
Did you know you can see Rick McGhie outside of Western?

Rick McGhie, a favourite performer at Western University’s the Spoke and Rim Tavern and the Grad Club, plays at the Lone Star monthly.

“He’s got a beautiful voice,” Tuff said. “Certainly makes Lone Star proud and unique to other restaurants.”

Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium

420 Talbot Street

Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium has two patios. One overlooks Carling Street, and the other overlooks Talbot Street

Left to right: Sarah Cox, Robyn Leroy, Sandy Gribbin and Milos Kral of Milos' Craft Beer Emporium in London, Ontario
Left to right: Sarah Cox, Robyn Leroy, Sandy Gribbin, and Milos Kral are looking forward to serving you a wide variety of craft beer

Milos Kral, the owner, likes to feature plenty of options unique to the craft beer emporium, including brews from Toronto’s Bellwoods Brewery.

“I drive around several times a month,” he said. “Visiting the breweries picking up beers.”

Along with “anything from Bellwoods,” such as the Jelly King Pink Guava, Kral recommends Burdock’s IPA, Great Lake’s Sunnyside Session IPA, and Godspeed’s Otsukaresama Dortmunder Lager.

The Morrissey House

359 Dundas Street 

Diners stop by The Morrissey House to enjoy the summer and the city patio life. In an email, Mark Serre, the publican, said that the patio is a perfect size.

People at the patio at the Morrissey House in London, Ontario
Even after the patio rush, the Morrissey House sees lots of happy customers

“You do feel like you are downtown,” he said. “But as we are set back from Dundas, you still have space.”

For dining, Serre recommended the nachos, grilled and baked wings, sangria, and house-made hard lemonade for a meal on the patio.

Toboggan Brewing Co.

585 Richmond Street

Toboggan Brewing Co. offers many refreshing brews, including 10 different housemade beer and their award-winning blackberry cider.

People enjoying the Toboggan Brewing Co. patio in London, Ontario.
While on the elevated patio at Toboggan, try one of their craft beers and ciders

“We try to stick to our brands,” Ron Scarfone, group manager of Joe Kool’s, said. “So they correspond with the history of London and what London is all about.”

The 519 kitchen offers street tacos and Neopolitan pizza with as many regionally sourced ingredients as possible, going as far as Chatham.

Like its next-door neighbour Joe Kool’s, the brewery offers a view of the historic Victoria Park.

Winks Eatery

551 Richmond Street Unit #2

Winks Eatery provides a shrouded patio experience, with the cedar trees surrounding the patio. There’s a new lounge area that’s been a hit with the crowd so far. There are surfboard tables and cottage style lawn chairs for both dining and drinking.

People at the patio at Winks Eatery in London, Ontario.
Whether you’re there for brunch or late night drinks, you can enjoy Winks patio and its cedar trees.

“It’s like sitting in your own backyard,” Adam Winkler, owner of Winks, said.

Winks features summery brews such as Labatt’s Hoegaarden and a rhubarb wheat beer by Mill Street, along with pub fare like wings and burgers.

Of course, this is a selection of the many wonderful patios in Downtown London and the rest of the city. If you have a favourite patio, write about it in the comments!

Featured photo by Emily Stewart 


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