Make the most of the short and sweet patio season

Whether you enjoy sitting on an elevated patio, being close to Victoria Park, or want to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee, there’s a patio for you.

Check out the list of must-visit downtown the next time you want to spend time in the great outdoors.

Bertoldi’s Trattoria

650 Richmond Street

Bertoldi’s elevated patio has lots of shade and blooming flowers. The flowers grow as guests split shareable plates like the Chef’s Platter charcuterie board and sip drinks like sangria and Processceo.

People at the patio at Bertoldi's in London, Ontario
The flowers keep growing as the summer days pass on the Bertoldi’s Trattoria patio

“I always find it’s nice to sit on the patio, [and] enjoy company” Jessica DiFruscia, general manager of Bertoldi’s, said. “And enjoy a variety of meals from our Chef’s Platter and prosciutto and sitting out and enjoying the weather.”

Black Walnut Bakery Cafe

724 Richmond Street

Richmond Row’s Black Walnut Bakery Cafe is perfect for those whose summer beverage is either iced coffee, iced tea or peppermint pink lemonade.

People at the Black Walnut Bakery Cafe patio in London, Ontario.
When getting your morning coffee, you can enjoy it on the Black Walnut patio

The patio features plenty of seating, potted flowers, and a canopy providing shade. The menu offers breakfast and lunch favourites like the cruffin and the chicken curry sandwich.

Mandy Etheridge, co-owner of the Black Walnut, said that customers enjoy relaxing on the patio, whether they’re reading the paper or having a meeting.

“Everyone’s engaging,” she said. “So I think that’s the nice part about our patio. It’s just calming.”

The Chef’s Table at Fanshawe College

130 Dundas Street

The Chef’s Table, run by Fanshawe College’s School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts, added new patio seating in 2019. There are some outdoor patios on the upper levels where the students can relax in between classes and enjoy the view of downtown London.

While walking down Dundas Place, Chef’s Table’s front patio with the red chairs is easy to spot.

People enjoying the patio while Mitch Tones performs at Fanshawe College's Chef's Table in London, Ontario
The Chef’s Table at Fanshawe College changes the menu each semester. Mitch Tones performed on the patio during dinner.

Emma Rankin, the restaurant manager, encourages people to visit the Chef’s Table and talk to the students.

“They’re really open to questions about which courses they’re taking and their education as well,” she said. “And that’s a huge part about what we do here.”

The menu rotates every semester, with potato crusted shrimp and sweet Italian sausage on the summer menu. The restaurant also offers regional brews from Anderson’s Craft Ales, The London Brewing Co-Op, Cowbell, and Powerhouse.

Fellini Koolini’s and The Runt Club

155 Albert Street

The Albert Street establishments offer a quiet patio experience away from the busy downtown life.

“On a weekend night,” Ron Scarfone, group general manager of Joe Kool’s and its associates, said. “Richmond Row is bustling and busy and a lot of people like to migrate off of the side street just a little bit.”

People at the Runt Club patio in London, Ontario
The Runt Club patio, and Fellini Koolini’s next door, offer a quiet and quaint downtown experience

The Fellini Koolini’s patio features up to seven tables and lots of options for a Mediterranian and Italian feast.

The Runt Club offers lots of seating and shade, along with pub fare like sandwiches and wings, and anything you can find at Fellini Koolini’s.

Marienbad and Chaucer’s Pub

122 Carling Street

The patio at Marienbad and Chaucer’s reflect a Central European influence with yellow brick walls, geraniums, and umbrellas.

People at the patio at Marienbad in London, Ontario
Marienbad and Chaucer’s reflect Central Europe, from their menu to their patio

The summer fare menu features seasonal dishes such as cold soups. Currently, the Thai chicken, vegetable rotini pasta, and the golden beet and chickpea salad are a few of the most popular dishes amongst patio patrons.

You can find more than 75 beers from six continents, including the rare Delirium Red.

“There are very few places in Canada that offer it,” Jerry Pribil, owner, said. “And that one is extremely popular.”

Marienbad and Chaucer’s is the place to be for a quiet patio night. Other than the cars passing by, there’s little.

The restaurant is closed until August 14, but be sure to stop by when they reopen.

Joe Kool’s

595 Richmond Street

Longtime London establishment Joe Kool’s offers pub favourites like the Kitchen Sink pizza, Santa Fe spring rolls, and Jose nachos.

People at the patio at Joe Kool's in London, Ontario.
Joe Kool’s has been a Downtown London staple for 35 years and counting

As far as drinks go, Scarfone said it’s best to order your personal drink of choice.

“Whatever you think you need to drink,” he said. “We’ve got it.”

The elevated and partially covered patio gives Londoners a view of the city’s beloved Victoria Park.

This guide is only a selection of the wide variety of excellent patios across the city. If you have another favourite patio, share it in the comments!

There will be another part to our patio guide that also lists some of London’s great patios, so stay tuned for that!

Featured photo by Emily Stewart


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