For the love of food and London’s finest… part three!

Over the past year, we’ve taken a look at some of London’s new, exciting restaurant openings and we’re here to do it again. Check out part one and part two for some, now not-so-new, tasty selections and see below for the latest on the Forest City food front.

1 – Tahini’s (11-551 Richmond Street and 595 Fanshawe Park Road)

If you’re looking for some of the very best in Mediterranean cuisine, look no farther than Tahini’s. As if Barakat wasn’t enough, the owners of that fine establishment brought us Tahini’s in October 2018 and we’re very happy they did.

Tahinis London ON
Just look at this beauty… Photo via Facebook / @TahinisRestaurants

With two locations available, this place will appease every shawarma platter lover out there.

2 – Dimi’s Greek House (551 Richmond Street)

Having opened in the summer of 2018, Dimi’s has become the go-to place for delicious Greek food in London. Head in for a scrumptious classic Greek salad or enjoy one their signature cocktails… hey, why not do both!

Dimi's London ON
A Greek salad with chicken souvlaki on top? Yes please! Photo via Instagram / @DimisGreekHouse

No matter what you decide to pick off this menu, one thing is for sure, you’ll be entirely satisfied.

3 – Strings Cafe and Guitar Shop (757 Dundas Street)

It may not be a full restaurant but it’s certainly a delightful new cafe in the OEV! Grab a cup of delicious coffee, enjoy a tasty baked treat, and then get yourself a new guitar. To some, this place is pure heaven.

Strings London ON
A match made in heaven. Photo via Facebook / @GreatCoffe

Strings has been open for a little over a month and already it’s becoming quite the hub for coffee and music lovers alike.

4 – The Chef’s Table (130 Dundas Street)

Earlier in October, The Chef’s Table officially opened its doors as the resident restaurant in Fanshawe College’s new downtown campus. It’s operated by the School of Tourism, Hospitality, and Culinary Arts and is quickly becoming a downtown favourite.

The Chef's Table London ON
Chickpea curry sweet potato, papadum, baby spinach, roasted cashew, coconut rice, and cumin seed raita. Incredible. Photo courtesy of the Chef’s Table

Enjoy lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks, all specially made by perhaps the world’s next star chef.

5 – Nest.Cafe (122 Carling Street)

Calling all students! The lovely people at Marienbad and Chaucers have turned their second floor into a student hub with free wifi, charging ports, and all meals for just $9.99! What a steal.

Chaucers London ON
We recommend getting a side of their housemade gravy with these bad boys. Photo via Facebook / @MarienbadRestaurantChaucersPub

Enjoy some Chaucer’s staples like the goulash poutine or keep it simple with pecan chicken fingers!

6 – Gnosh (125 Dundas Street)

Gnosh is the latest incarnation of a London favourite, Blu Duby. Conveniently located on the soon to be beautiful Dundas Place (and right across from The Chef’s Table!), this place re-opened in September and hasn’t quit ever since.

Gnosh London ON
Crispy chicken wings? Always! Photo via Facebook / @gnoshdining

Tuck into some locally sourced, fresh dishes and enjoy the atmosphere of this incredible place.

7 – Margo and Tuffy (526 Adelaide Street)

If you’re in the market for fresh, local, healthy food, look no further than Margo and Tuffy. Admittedly, they aren’t the newest restaurant in London, having opened in May, but in our opinion, that’s new enough! Especially when you’re this awesome.

Margo and Tuffy London ON
Could this photo be any more delightful? Nah. Photo via Facebook / @MargoandTuffy

There are soups, salads, vegan doughnuts, even slushies! And so much more. We can honestly say, that this place is very worth the trip to OEV.

8 – Pizzeria Madre (111 Wellington Street)

Who’s up for a pizza party? We are. Always. And as the newest Neopolitan style ‘za joint in this city, we’ll be heading over to Pizzeria Madre. Having opened in September, this restaurant has very quickly earned a reputation for serving up delicious, traditional pizza unlike anywhere else.

Pizzeria Madre London ON
Need this in your life? Yes. Yes you do. Photo via Instagram / @pizzeria_madre

It’s just outside of downtown, in the lovely SoHo neighbourhood and we highly recommend you get there, like now.

Hungry yet? There’s so much to see, do, and taste in this city. New experiences await, get on out there, London!

Feature photo via Facebook / @MargoandTuffy


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