The Forest City is ready for it’s closeup.

As it enters it’s third year, the Forest City Film Festival continues to branch out in new and interesting directions. London’s celebration of the motion pictures returns this October with one of it’s best lineups to date. With that, we thought it would be good to highlight some of the cinematic gems and learning opportunities offered at this year’s festival.


Hot off being selected for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. FCFF was wise to select Jasmin Mozafarri’s debut film “Firecrackers” as part of this year’s competition.

A powerful and explosive exploration of a female friendship in the face of adversity is sure to resonate with its audience well after the screening. Sidenote: When you watch this, be sure to note all the lush and beautiful filming locations that London and Surrounding area have to offer.

The Power Of Greyskull

Pop culture documentaries have always been a staple of film festivals everywhere. Power Of Greyskull, looks to add it’s name to the pantheon of successful pop culture docs with it’s inclusion in this year’s documentary competition.

London filmmaker Robert McCallum (Nintendo Quest) takes you on a journey to Eternia as he highlights everything He-Man. When we say everything He-Man, we mean everything He-Man, we’re talking cartoons, actions figures, and even that god awful film from 1987.


The Breakfast Club Screening

Sometimes being a custodian is a thankless job. This year, the Forest City Film Festival hopes to rectify that by celebrating the film work of London actor and Breakfast Club custodian John Kapelos.

On top of the Breakfast Club screening, FCFF will also be screening some of John’s latest work (The Unicorn and 22 Chaser). 

Industry Sessions

With London’s creative industry in the midst of an upswing, we thought it would be prudent to highlight some of the more interesting offerings from this year’s Industry Sessions.

Web Series (Panel): Do you have an idea for a web series but you don’t know where to start? Make sure to check out this lively panel led by Founder/Creative Director Adam Caplan.

The FCFF Pitchfest (Film Pitch Competition): If you’ve always had an idea for a film but you’ve never had a chance to pitch it to executives, here’s your chance. With production big wigs from CBC, Vortex Pictures, and Shaftesbury Films in town, who knows what could happen?

Writing For Representation (Panel):  Finding representation when you’re a screenwriter is usually the first and most difficult step when you’re taking your first steps in filmmaking. If you want a leg up on the competition, this session would be a good step forward.

Forest City Youth Film Festival: Script Development & Brainstorming

As part of this year’s festival, FCFF decided to take a look into the festival’s future. Namely, the introduction of The Forest City Youth Film Festival during the 2019 festival. To make sure that exciting new venture is successful, the festival decided to devote some time during this year’s festival to teach young filmmakers when it comes to script development and collaborative filmmaking.


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Pat Tiffin is a local stand up comedian & film aficionado.


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