Public transit is a topic that many Londoners have passionate opinions about, and now’s the time to share! The London Transit Commission published their Draft 2018 Service Plan and is looking for feedback.

You can view the complete plan on the LTC website, but here are five of the changes coming your way to give you a little primer on what to expect for next year.

A Core Connection

london transit argyle mall 2018

Next year, the Route 7 bus will have a more direct connection between Argyle Mall and the downtown core though changes to the way the route loops. In addition, the updated route will now be the fastest connection between those two destinations, hopefully shortening some commutes between the east end and the core. This routing change will also supposedly ease wait times and bus loads on the Route 2 as the route frequency will be improved during peak hours.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

london transit masonville white oaks ontario 2018

The route 90 express was a pretty big deal when it burst onto the roads a couple of years ago. The route travels between Masonville Mall and White Oaks Mall in roughly half an hour, saving valuable time over the same commute using the 10 or 13. Starting in fall of 2018, the route 90 will have extended hours from 6:30 to 9:00pm Monday to Friday. Hopefully, on top of easing after-work errands, these extended hours will also shorten some commutes for mall employees.

Falcons in Flight

london transit fanshawe college

Speaking of express buses, the Route 91 has been a helpful recent addition for Fanshawe students. The 91 provides an express route to the college down Oxford Street starting at Proudfoot Lane. Students can take comfort in the introduction of new weekend hours for the 91 next year. As a result, Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. will be prime time study hours for students who live farther from the campus.

New Horizons

london transit

The splitting of the 17 into the 17A and 17B has taken some adjustment, and the changes will keep coming. Specifically, 17B riders are in for a change next year. The route is being modified as the Riverbend neighbourhood develops out. The route will be moving further west, off of Riverbend Road to Westdel Bourne. If you live in Riverbend and take the 17B, be sure to check out the map to see if your stop might be affected.

Bye Bye Berkshire

When transit routes change and extend, redundancies can occur. Route 23 is one of those redundancies. Formerly known as the 23 Berkshire, the route is disappearing due to modifications to four other routes: the aforementioned 7, the 5, the 11, and the 3.  The aim is to reduce duplication of service in the Westmount area and create more direct routes.

Do you take the 23? Be sure to check out this change to see how your commute will be affected by the loss of this route.

Speak Up and Share!

Remember when I said the time is now for opinion sharing? Are you concerned about some of these changes? Make yourself heard! Take the 2018 Service Plan Survey, or if you want to share your feedback in person, attend one of the remaining information sessions Thursday, November 30 or Thursday, December 7 at the Central Library. You can also follow the Draft Plan page on Facebook for updates.


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