Did you ever draw as a kid? Do you sometimes wish you could pick up the pencil again? Drawing is a fantastic skill to have in your toolkit, whether for your professional goals or for a satisfying hobby.

However, drawing can become a little…lonely. As appealing as it might sound to curl up in a blanket with paper and pencil like a dextrous and solitary cat, it’s good to meet people who are also passionate about artmaking!

There are lots of places around town to meet up with people who love to draw and make art! Here are a few of our picks.

The Baker’s Dozen

bakers dozen london ontario arts culture
Artmaking of all varieties! / Photo via Instagram / @b13bakersdozen

The Baker’s Dozen, or B13, is a shopping arcade in the Old East Village filled with small businesses and artist studios. Aside from shopping for art, B13 offers artmaking opportunities at various events.

Events have included Art in Ambience, where for an entry price of $5, event goers can come and make art of all kinds in a backdrop of trance music. Many of the resident artists of B13 will host workshops as well. Be sure to follow B13’s social media pages for info on further upcoming opportunities to make art!

Forest City Zine Fiends

london ontario arts culture zine fiends
Zines aplenty! / Photo vis Instagram / @zinefiends

The Zine Fiends are London, Ontario’s premier zine club! The Fiends meet on the second Monday of every month in the Tonda Room at the Central branch of the London Public Library. They will often also have casual Drink ’n’ Draw meetups at locations around the city.

Zines can made in any technique you could imagine, from collaging typed text and image to completing a zine entirely drawn by hand. No zinemaking experience is necessary to become a Fiend. Link up with the Zine Fiends on their Facebook group or drop in to a meeting at the Central Library.

Good Sport

good sport microgallery london ontario arts
So cozy! / Photo via Instagram / @beagoodsport

Good Sport is an amazing microgallery tucked away on Richmond Street near Horton, neighbouring the Forest City Gallery. Their Cozy Zone features a comfy place to chill out and read from the zine library, and the gallery will often offer low-cost drop-in nights and other workshops.

Good Sport has membership options, but if you want to drop in and see what the gallery is about before joining up, check for gallery hours and follow Good Sport on social media to see what’s going on.

TAP Centre for Creativity

tap centre for creativity arts culture london ontario
Jammin’ on some comics / Photo via Instagram / @tapcreativityon

With a name like TAP Centre for Creativity, you can expect opportunities to dive in! TAP offers Life Drawing classes every Monday for $10. Also, for any aspiring comic artists out there, TAP offers a free monthly Comic Jam, supported by Heroes Comics and Runciman Press. The jam format of completing comic pages with unique artists contributing each panel is a fun way to engage in different cartooning styles.

TAP Centre for Creativity is also the home of Tingfest, London’s annual comics and graphic arts festival. Tingfest often includes workshops for artmaking and illustration.

City Art Centre

london ontario city art centre
The gallery at the City Art Centre. Photo by Sammy Roach.

The City Art Centre is a hidden gem in Carling Heights. The volunteer-run non-profit offers free studio space and supplies aimed at people who self-identify as having a mental illness. The studio space is open Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 4:00pm.

If you are looking for a new form of self-expression, drop in to the City Art Centre for a cup of coffee and chat with some of the members. Read more about the City Art Centre here!

While it might seem intimidating at first, drawing is an accessible hobby to pick up. All you need is a drawing utensil and something to draw on. Draw some inspiration from this article and go forth to make art!

Feature photo by Sammy Roach.


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