Spring has finally sprung (even though the random snowfalls beg to differ) and you can slowly but surely start to utilize all that London has to offer during this season.

Here is a beginner’s guide.

Victoria Park

This park is a London classic. Victoria Park is perfect whether you want to relax in the sun or go for a run. There are activities and areas catered to people of all ages and various restaurants, cafés and pubs that surround the park. It’s the picture-perfect place for a family day out or if you want to kick back with some friends.

A bit dreary now, but a great place to relax in the centre of downtown. Photo by Venice Marivani.

Memorial Rose Garden

This is another memorable and family friendly site to visit. In this garden, you will find various kinds of stunning heritage roses, such as the white Souvenir de la Malmaison or the Tamora. It’s an awesome place to go during the Spring because this is when all the roses start to bloom so you and your family will be able to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery.


Barney’s is one of London’s biggest patio bars and a huge student favourite. The great thing about this patio is that it usually opens up earlier than all the other patios in London, so if it’s a sunny day out – you won’t be left reminiscing about patio season.

Photo via Barney's on Facebook.
Bring an extra sweater and enjoy the great outdoors. Photo via Barney’s on Facebook.

The food at Barney’s is a hit as well, the nachos and fat guy platter are both tasty and convenient for sharing with a couple friends. Drinks wise – the options are limitless too. Whether you’re in the mood for a beer or a blue lagoon, Barney’s has your back.

Sifton Bog

Sifton Bog is a wonderful place if you love nature and the quiet. There’s an awesome boardwalk that takes you through a beautiful wooded and grass area until you are on the bog itself. The view of the bog is stunning too. Plus there’s always free parking.

Photo via Sifton Bog Wiki.
Escape the city inside the city. Photo via Sifton Bog Wiki.

Go for ice cream at Roli Poli

This ice cream shop is a go-to for hand rolled ice cream in London. They have a large selection of unique ice cream flavours – such as apple pie, chocolate caramel, macha and s’mores. So as the weather gets warmer, make sure to give this place a visit.

Photo via Roli Poli on Facebook.
Slowly, now… Don’t want to get brain freeze. Photo via Roli Poli on Facebook.

They also offer cool and unique flavours depending on the holiday – like the mini egg Easter treat shown above.

These sites are all perfect if you’re just starting to explore the London scene – and even if you’re familiar with it already, they’re all spots that you will still enjoy and can’t go wrong with. So while we all await patio season together, make sure to still utilize the spring and hit up these places.


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