You’ve made it through your first month, students! As you settle into the academic year, you may want a change of scenery to refresh your mind and focus your studies. Or, maybe you are not currently a student and are simply looking for a new place to grab a seat and get some work done. Either way, here is a list of downtown London spots to break you out of your bubble and energize your studies.

Museum London

That’s right, the Museum! Museum London is perfect for daytime studying (with extended hours on Thursdays) in the Rhino Lounge. The cafe features an array of beverage options and baked goods. You can even take your snacks and studies to the Museum’s gigantic Centre At The Forks for a riverside view.
Coffee + Culture / Photo via Instagram / @rhinolounge
When you’re done your snacks and need a study break, refresh your mind with a wander around the galleries!

Reset Social Cafe

One of the most recent additions to the London cafe scene offers a huge, airy space and lots of healthy options for eats. It’s tucked away in an apartment building on Talbot Street, providing a buffer from Richmond Row party nights.
Pillows aplenty / Photo via Instagram /
Also, Reset Social Cafe is open until 10:00 pm – perfect for a nighttime study session. Recharge your energy by taking in the brightly coloured rainbow decor.

Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium

Studying in a pub seems like an odd choice, but Milos’ has a cozy ambience and friendly staff that can’t be beaten. You should probably avoid dropping in with your books on Fridays and weekends – the place gets packed!
One of many, many options / Photo via Twitter / @pubmilos

Milos’ also has gigantic tables for your study group and their textbooks. Don’t forget, it’s important to stop and take breaks while you study…and when you finish for the night, grab a pint of something from the rotating craft beer menu.

Covent Garden Market

This might seem like an odd choice – isn’t a market kind of loud for studying? It can be, but if you go at the right time, the Covent Garden Market has the right amount of hubbub to provide pleasant background noise without being too intrusive.
What a view / Photo via Instagram / @coventgardenmarketcanada
If you go early in the mornings or towards the last couple of evening hours, you can grab a snack and a good cup of coffee or tea and find a quiet seat upstairs for studying. Be aware that sitting by the second floor stained glass windows is extremely nice.

London Public Library

I know, the library is about as obvious as you can get. I wanted to include the library because there are so many branches in the city, each with study spaces and community program offerings.
Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card / Photo via Instagram / @londonlibrary
Of course, Central Library is particularly full of study rooms, many of which stream in natural light during the day. You also get the bonus of being close to the Citi Plaza fountain. I don’t know about you, but I find watching and listening to a fountain very soothing to a frazzled brain.

Bonus: Haven’s Creamery

This isn’t a study spot… I just think you should treat yourself after a good session of studying. Also, see our list of dessert picks for some other London-based sweet treats for after your studies.
Heaven in a cone / Photo via Instagram / @havenscreamery
Go forth and find a new and exciting place to study! I will add that you do not have to purchase anything from the museum or the library to grab a seat and study there. Celebrate our public spaces and patronize our local businesses when you can!


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