With the change of seasons, we can often find ourselves shifting our musical palette. The electro-bops and garage grunge of summer have given way to strummed melodies and emotive lyrics to wrap yourself in like a comfy sweater. Here are some local music acts to provide the soundtrack to your Forest City winter experience.

Esther’s Family

Choice Track: High Fantastical

When the promotional photos for your band feature many cozy sweaters, there’s a good chance your music will offer some warmth for the chilly days. Indeed, vocalist and frontman Lliam Buckley sings with an earnest passion, backed by a musical soundscape that includes a rich cello and a horn section. Tracks like High Fantastical marry a summery liveliness with a warm and sentimental feeling that is a perfect pick-me-up from winter blues.

esther's family
See? Sweaters. / Photo vis Instagram / @esthersfamily

Esther’s Family also recently released a gorgeous cover of Wonderful Christmastime. Bonus points to them for turning an often-maligned synthesizer nightmare into a wonderful romp that conjures images of drinking cider with loved ones.

The Marrieds

Choice Track: Heavy Hearts

Jane Carmichael and Kevin Kennedy make up The Marrieds, and they are, in fact, married! The duo released a new full-length album earlier this year that is filled with gorgeous, moving songs. Title track Heavy Hearts in particular packs an emotional punch with each soaring, powerful chorus. As Jane and Kevin sing “Through all this darkness, there’s still light,” we can remember that cozy candles offer a little hope in a long, dark winter.

The Marrieds
The duo performing at the 2018 Back to the Garden Festival / Photo via Instagram / @themarrieds with credit to Vera Kittelson

And if you’re a romantic, listen to track “Lying Next to Me” while cuddled up with your partner. Leave it to a married band called The Marrieds to write an adorable love song.


Fraser Teeple

Choice Track: Hired Saw

Though happily welcomed at summer folk festivals, Fraser Teeple is an artist equally appropriate for the wintry half of the year. I mean, come on, the man is a woodcutter whose album cover features him wearing a beanie and jacket standing in a snowy forest. Frosty boy winter, anyone?

Fraser Teeple
I wasn’t kidding. / Photo via Instagram / @fraserteeple

Fraser’s soulful vocals against emotive acoustic guitar provide lovely ambience for a cozy evening by the fireplace. In particular, the track Dusklight is the perfect track to listen to during, well, dusklight. Hired Saw is another fantastic track. It features a lovely wistful melody and lyrics that reflect on Fraser’s other life as an arborist.

Michael Trudgen

Choice Track: Lazy Sunday

If you are a fan of instrumental guitar music, you can’t go wrong with local gem Michael Trudgen. His 2018 release, All the Pretty Things, features many upbeat and lively tracks that wouldn’t be out of place at a summer festival, but tracks like Lullaby and Weightlessness have an ethereal quality that bring to mind a gentle snowfall.

michael trudgen london ontario
Contemplative. / Photo via Instagram / @bigmtmusic with credit to Mystery Man Photography

Also make sure to check out track Lazy Sunday, featuring exquisite, almost ghostlike vocals from local favourites The Pairs. Make this song your soundtrack for a wintery, waffle-filled Sunday morning.

We’re fortunate in London to have so many talented musicians in our midst. Why not give yourself the gift of enjoying a new musical artist this winter season? Curl up with a hot drink of your choosing and let these local stars fill your home with heartfelt warmth.

Feature photo by Andy Scott.



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