With grey skies, icy roads, and freezing winds, traversing from place to place at this time of year can be quite the feat. Few things can get you where you need to go like a cup of something sweet to warm you from head to toe.

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We asked our contributors to share some of their top picks for local hot and cozy beverages  – read on, and you might find a new favourite!

Laura’s Pick: Hot Apple Cider from Heeman’s Berry Beanery

Apple cider is a must-have / Photo via Instagram / @heemans

If you’re looking for autumn in a cup, look no further than Heeman’s Garden Centre & Strawberry Farm! While a garden centre may not be your first thought for a warm beverage, one of Heeman’s best-kept secrets is their Berry Beanery; a cute little café tucked away in the front of the centre. As you would expect, you can pick up strawberry goodies (including a decadent strawberry sundae), fair trade coffee, or even a pumpkin spiced latte! But, my favourite fall drink to enjoy while browsing the plants is their hot apple cider. Sourced from Delhaven Orchards in Blenheim, ON, you can grab a 2L or 4L jug to enjoy at home. Plus, Heeman’s recently launched Heeman’s Original hard apple cider (pictured above), so beginning in February, you can pick up some stronger stuff as well. How do you like them apples?

Oshi’s Pick: White Cherry Tea from Black Walnut

Elixir of the heavens. Photo by Oshi Rathnayake.
Elixir of the heavens. Photo by Oshi Rathnayake.

The first time I had tried this elixir of the heavens was because I was moving away from sugar, and the iced chai lattes were tearing me apart. It was the name that enticed me, but the taste and smell that keeps me coming back. It is none other than the White Cherry tea from Black Walnut. I have never been so entranced by a tea; the smell transports you to a perfect autumn day. The taste wraps you in warm blankets, notes of cherry that are subtle yet explosive and an after taste that leaves you in bliss for a moment longer.

Sammy’s Pick: Nepali Tea from Momo’s At The Market

A taste of Nepal / Photo via Instagram/ @momosatthemarket

Are you a fan of chai who is looking to change things up? Try the Nepali Tea from Momo’s At The Market, available at the London Food Incubator and the Western Fair Market!

Chef Yam’s special blend of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn, and bay leaf, is brewed together with milk, sugar, and Nepalese tea leaves. The brew creates a beverage that will be familiar to chai lovers, but with its own unique flavour.  A vegan version brewed with coconut milk is also available! Take a little trip across the world as you travel the Old East Village.

Emily’s Pick: Hot Chocolate from Black Walnut

Like a liquid brownie. Photo by Emily Stewart.
Like a liquid brownie. Photo by Emily Stewart.

Made with steamed milk and melted chocolate chips, drinking the hot chocolate at the Black Walnut Bakery and Cafe is like drinking a liquid brownie. It’s a must-try for chocolate lovers! The hot chocolate is great on its own, or paired with any of the many lunch choices. It’ll warm you up for any occasion, be it a break from running errands, a pre-concert drink, or a place to stay cozy before a photoshoot.

Don’t let the winter drag you down! Grab yourself a hot drink from one of these local gems and sip your way through the snowy days.

For more sweet treats, check out our article on London dessert spots, and for further apple-y goodness, check out this tour of Apple Land Station.


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