LondonFuse’s volunteer board of directors is the backbone of our organization, giving strength to our mission and supporting our contributors’ pursuit to promote arts and culture in London, Ontario and beyond.

Get to know our Board members with our new “12 Questions With The LondonFuse Board” series, inspired by the iconic Tiger Beat profiles.

Meet Melissa Parker (she/her), LondonFuse’s Fundraising Director

A blonde woman looks directly at the camera. She is wearing purple. The text beside her says "Melissa Parker Fundraising Director"

Where did you grow up? Tell us your most vivid childhood memory.

I mostly grew up in London but also a bit in the country around Chatham.  I remember climbing a giant hill of corn out by Ridgetown when I was like 7.  Sadly, it’s not there anymore.  It was basically a mountain of cobs.

What do you think your parents should have named you and why?

My parents ALMOST named me Stormy which would have been super cool since I love Marvel. My brother was almost Moonshot Number 1 since my dad loves Zappa and both parents were hippies.

What is something that people think makes them look cool but actually makes them look ridiculous?

Multiple selfies with pursed lips.  Oh, and constantly bragging about themselves on social media.

What were you doing on the US Election Night 2020?

I gathered with some of my bubble, won trivia, drank wine, ate a ton of cheese, nearly cried, played darts, was stopped by police walking home at 3:30am…

What career path did you want to pursue when you were 14 years old?  What would you say to that 14-year-old now?

I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 14, particularly a human rights lawyer. I’d go back and tell that self to not lose track of that as now at over 40, I really wish I had of maintained that path.

What’s your favourite place in London?

I LOVE going for walks.  London has so many spots to escape into the woods. It is hard to pick one in particular, but maybe Fanshawe as it holds a lot of memories for me as well.


If you were stranded on a desert island, what book and what CD would you have?  You can have one of each…apparently, there’s a CD player…

Book: Jane Eyre  CD: Pixies “Doolittle”

What makes you feel old?

Being in the grocery store judging the teens for being goofy. Pesky kids.

What are you most grateful for during COVID?

I think COVID-19 has offered an opportunity for people to really develop empathy. I’m finding that even though there is a lot of negativity out there, but I find so many pockets of kindness and hope.

What is the best concert or show you’ve seen in London?

I saw Gogol Bordello at the London Music Hall 7 or 8 years ago. Honestly, it was one of the best shows I’ve EVER been to, not just London. They were phenomenal.

What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

Fries with gravy and ranch dressing…holy moley, delicious. Also, if you get fries and gravy with tzatziki, equally yummers!

What’s your favourite LondonFuse article?

Probably my first article suggesting people take care of their sexual health — STIs in the Forest City: Your Guide to Keeping Your Junk Clean.

Feature photo by Sammy Orlowski


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