LondonFuse’s volunteer board of directors is the backbone of our organization, giving strength to our mission and supporting our contributors’ pursuit to promote arts and culture in London, Ontario and beyond. 

Get to know our Board members with our new “12 Questions With The LondonFuse Board” series, inspired by the iconic Tiger Beat profiles. 

Meet Erin Briggs (she/her), LondonFuse’s Marketing Director

A woman smiles at the camera while wearing an animal print jacket. Next to her the text says "Erin Briggs Marketing Director"

What animal would be the most terrifying if it could speak?

Spiders, 100%

What’s your favourite place in London?

The Coves in Old South!

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Team Jacob for the most part.

What makes you feel old?

The fact that “flared leggings” (aka Yoga Pants), are becoming fashionable again.

What are you most grateful for during COVID?

Zoom. It’s a love/hate relationship, but I am grateful for how it has kept me close & in contact with friends and family.


What do you miss the most during COVID?

I miss going to shows and local markets!

How many pillows do you have on your bed?

Four pillows is the way to go.

What is your favourite London store? Favourite restaurant in London? 

My favourite store in London is Filthy Rebena, they always have such cool finds. And my favourite restaurant is the Early Bird Café.

What is the best concert or show you’ve seen in London?

The best concert that I saw in London was Shad performing at the final Grickle Grass Festival. It was so cool seeing him perform at the Children’s Museum and the hometown crowd is always crazy!

What is something that isn’t real but you desperately wish was real?

The microwave in Spy Kids. You could make full course meals (including fast food) appear instantly from a small packet.

Would you rather have a skin colour that changed with your moods or tattoos that appeared to depict what you did the day before?

I think that I would rather have a skin colour that changed with my moods. That way people would how I was feeling before approaching me or at times when you don’t really know how you’re feeling this would help.

What is your favourite LondonFuse Article?

It’s tough to choose just one, but I really enjoy the article “It’s Time To Be A Tourist In Your Own City!” Especially since COVID has been going on much longer than anyone expected, it’s great to support local and showcase all the amazing things London has to offer.

Feature photo by Erin Briggs.


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