It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Londonlicious! It’s here. January can sometimes feel like an absolute task, beginning to end. The lack of sunlight, the abundance of snow, and getting back into the groove following a leisurely holiday season… it’s tough. But you know what makes these days a little brighter? Delicious food and lots of it, at very affordable prices. That being said, let us thank the heavens for Londonlicious and the fact that it runs January 11 to February 3.

Although we could likely spout praise for every restaurant on this list, see below for our favourite picks for Londonlicious 2019.

1 – London Wine Bar (420 Talbot Street)

This place can satisfy even the harshest critics and we’re not just talking about the wine… although that’s a sure bet. At all times of year, the food available at London Wine Bar is second to none and the menu for Londonlicious is no different. Offering more than their traditionally Parisian, wine-paired foods like cured meats and delicious cheeses, their dinner menu will have you salivating at the very first glance.

London Wine Bar London ON
Does it get much better? Photo via Facebook / @LondonWineBar

Check out London Wine Bar’s Londonlicious options right here and among your many choices, there’s a $30 three-course option as well as a $40 which includes a 3 oz glass of wine paired with each dish! Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available.

2 – Villa Cornelia Restaurant (142 Kent Street)

Known as one of “London’s best-kept secrets,” Villa Cornelia should be at the top of your list for many reasons. Fancy some Orange Ginger Confit Duck Leg inside the grandeur of a mansion built in 1892? Yes. It also has been serving up deliciously fine dining for nearly 30 years just off Richmond Street. Oh, and one more thing, there’s free parking in the back and that is one very rare thing smack dab in the middle of downtown London.

Villa Cornelia London ON
A little pork belly fettuccini, anyone? Photo via Facebook / @VillaCorneliaRestaurant

See Villa Cornelia’s Londonlicious menu right here, including a $25 lunch and a $40 dinner, and get ready for some of the finest dining London has to offer. Vegetarian options are available.

3 – Black Trumpet (523 Richmond Street)

The Black Trumpet, what a place! In the heart of downtown, it offers casual fine dining in an absolutely beautiful location. We’d highly suggest sitting on the beautiful courtyard patio if it weren’t January… but there’s your reason to go back again for Londonlicious, summer edition. Regardless, you will not be disappointed by the likes of Lobster Paella, the traditional New York Striploin, or anything you choose for that matter.

Black Trumpet London ON
Anything, when covered in tempura, is delicious. Photo via Facebook / @BlackTrumpetRestaurant

Black Trumpet is offering a two-course lunch option at $25 and a three-course, $40 dinner menu which you can view right here. Vegetarian options are available.

4 – Byron Freehouse (1288 Commissioners Road West)

You don’t have to be downtown in London to eat great food. If you’ve yet to try Byron Freehouse, make this your first stop for Londonlicious. Offering finer than usual pub-style fare using local ingredients, along with 20 unique draught beer options, this place truly has a “smalltown feel in the heart of Byron.” Go for the Steak Oscar and stay for the Champaign Cheesecake.

Byron Freehouse London ON
Make it a long lunch today. Photo via Instagram / @byronfreehouse

Byron Freehouse offers a jam-packed three-course dinner option at $40 per person as well as a $20 two-course lunch. Vegetarian options are available for dinner.

5 – Dawghouse Pub and Eatery (699 Wilkins Street)

If I said you could get Chicken Gumbo, Top Sirloin, and Homemade “Cheesepie” for just $25, would you believe me? Well, just check out what the Dawghouse is serving up for confirmation. Their offerings are plentiful and you’ll leave with a full stomach along with a big smile on your face.

Dawghouse Pub London ON
Beer and Cheese Dip? Yes, yes, yes. Photo via Instagram /

Check out the full dinner menu right here… the price is certainly right!

6 – Craft Farmacy (499 Wharncliffe Road South)

Indulging is the name of the game at Craft Farmacy. Here, they’re all about great beer and wine, oysters, and seriously sharable plates. For LondonLicious, they’re bringing even more variety with dainty apps, hearty entrees, and delectable desserts. And btw, to all you Keto dieters out there, just ask your server to tell the kitchen to make your meal carb free. There’s literally something for everyone!

Craft Farmacy London ON
It can all be yours, starting with the soup of the day! Photo via Instagram / @craftfarmacy

Craft Farmacy is offering dinner options at $40 person as well as lunch and, everybody’s favourite, brunch (!) options at $20 per person. See full menu right here. Vegetarian options are available.

7 – Budapest Restaurant (348 Dundas Street)

If you’ve ever read any food-related content on LondonFuse, it’s likely it involved Budapest Restaurant to some capacity. It’s one of London’s very finest, always has been and always will be. And come Londonlicious, they never disappoint offering a selection of their many platters. Cabbage rolls, sausages, schnitzel, goulash and so much more! You cannot go wrong with this choice.

Budapest London Ontario
This is what true beauty looks like. Photo via Instagram / @downtownlondon

Budapest Restaurant will make you the happiest person on the planet for just $30 with their delightful dinner menu.

8 – Bangkok Pad Thai (735 Richmond Street)

This little London restaurant is definitely something to write home about. Having been voted London’s best pad thai, you can be sure the rest of the food follows suit! With numerous options and the allure of deliciously authentic Thai dining, make this choice and be very, very pleased.

Bangkok Pad Thai London Ontario
Everyone in this city needs to try London’s best pad thai! Photo via Instagram / @Bangkokpadthai

At just $27 you’ll get the full three-course Thai meal experience and that includes a glass of wine or beer. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, see the full dinner menu here.

9 – Clock Tower Bistro (71 Frank Street, Strathroy)

Why not make it a day trip! Just down the road in Strathroy we have the Clock Tower Bistro and trust us, you’re going to want to make the trek. Start off with some Frank Street Crab Cakes, move on to Clock Tower Stroganoff, and finish up with Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie. You may have to roll home after, but it will be worth it.

Clock Tower Bistro Strathroy
Surf n’ turf all around! Photo via Instagram / @Clocktowerbistro

Clock Tower Bistro’s offering up an incredible dinner menu of fine dining at just $45 per person. See the full menu right here.

10 – Gnosh by Joe Duby (125 Dundas Street)

We must say, if we had to pick a favourite menu for Londolicious 2019, it would have to go to Gnosh. The possibilities seem nearly endless and with items like PHYLLO WRAPPED BRIE (sorry, capitals were required there), Boneless Beef Short Ribs with rosemary jus, and Pots de Creme (literal cups of creme custard), you’re going to have a difficult time choosing! Bottom line is, get there, fast.

Gnosh London Ontario
There’s not one thing you could go wrong with selecting at Gnosh! Photo via Instagram / @gnoshlondon

Gnosh is offering a three-course dinner option at $40 per person as well as a two-course $20 lunch option which you can view in full right here. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available.

Hungry yet? It’s more than likely! Londonlicious runs from January 11 to February 3 so we’re all in luck. There are SO many amazing restaurants featured, we could have listed them all. But these are some favourites we’ve acquired over the years, and few we cannot wait to try! What new places will you try? Tell us about it in the comments!

Feature photo via Instagram / @clocktowerbistro

Note: Although we attempted to get as many or as close to Londonlicious items, not all photos are dishes featured on the selected menu.



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