29 Fri 29th Mar 2013
8:30pm - 11:30pm

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The Abrahmson Singers, Octoberman & Jess Hill - Live at EVAC

Two talented Vancouver musical acts are heading our way, March 29th. Jess Hill will be revisiting EVAC and the Abramson Singers are also making the trip from the west coast joined by their Toronto based friends Octoberman!
This will be fantastic, don't miss it.

8:30pm - $5-10 Pay What You Can

Jess Hill is a unique singer-songwriter risen from the talented denizens of East Vancouver. She is a storyteller whose delicately constructed lyrical worlds captivate, standing firmly with her blues-draped compositions. Her music will smash your heart, pinch you in your sweetest nerves, give pause to the present and sing you to sleep all in one gently fierce moment. Jess invites the audience into her realm, engaging them with a voice like the sound of a well-rosined bow across your heartstrings, telling tales over her skillfully crafted guitar playing. She can pull a room of strangers into her palm, crushing them with stinging emotions and releasing them reborn into the night.

On the surface Octoberman’s 4th album Waiting In The Well (Saved By Vinyl / Outside) is about waiting. Co-produced by Jim Guthrie (Royal City, Islands, Human Highway) and mixed by Howie Beck (Feist, Hayden, Jason Collett), Waiting In The Well showcases a more focused and poppier side of Octoberman’s brand of folk-rock heard on previous releases These Trails Are Old and New (2006), Run From Safety (2007), and Fortresses (2009). The title Waiting In The Well was inspired by popular Japanese author Haruki Murakami’s book The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and finds Morrissette following the book’s lead character down a metaphorical well in search of something deeper. While making Waiting Morrissette discovered that the wear and tear of touring had given him a vocal polyp that required intervention. The resulting surgery left him silent for two weeks and prohibited from singing for five months, forcing the singer to step back, listen and… Wait.

Vancouver native Leah Abramson — formerly of traditional folk bands Dyad, The Crooked Jades, and indie-rockers Octoberman — enlisted her friends in some of Vancouver’s best-loved bands (members of Fond of Tigers, Dan Mangan’s band, Petunia & The Vipers) to play her haunting folk-noir originals as The Abramson Singers.

Writing quirky, catchy and beautiful songs about topics such as truck drivers, old maids, the oil sands and the famous rebel Louis Riel, Leah is a heartbreaking storyteller and singer, hearkening back to simpler times, while embracing present concerns.