Two Crown King EP review

Admittedly, not generally the kind of album I would throw on, I must say the new Two Crown King EP is well done. Produced to a tee, you can tell these guys have put a lot into this album. There are a few components of TCK I really appreciate, and it's not just that the band is full of hunks either. Yeah, I said hunks. Ninety's reference aside, I must say it's refreshing to see a local band have their shit together. Everything from production to album art is extremely well done. Let's not try to beat around the bush either; this is a pop album full of catchy songs. You will need to listen a couple times if you are not familiar with TCK. However this EP makes a statement that this band is serious and perhaps someday in the near future, these guys can focus full time on Two Crown King.

With this EP being, well an EP I thought it would be appropriate to go through all six songs and discuss.

1. We Get Down is a great way to kick this off this little unit. Nice drum intro gets me right away, which keeps me for at least the rest of this song. 'Seven days a week I don't touch no ground' I know a few people who can relate to that statement right now. And while lead singer Sean Goodchild reminds me of Tom Gabel in this track, it's high note to start off an album.

2. Please Believe Me (featuring Odario Williams) If I was to pick a favourite song this would be it. Not only because you get the chance to hear the sweet flow of Odario Williams (AKA Grand Analog) but because Scotty Sheid's keys really stand out as well. It's also wonderful to see a collaboration like this on an EP. Kudos to these guys for landing that one.

3. Never Trust the Weatherman, I know I sure don't. Just listen this one.

4. You and I definitely kicks off like the intro of a Stevie Wonder song, maybe one of his later tracks from Innervisions, yep that's it for sure. Now that I've established that, I can tell you the rest of this song continues to build up nicely. Sprinkle a little Jamiroquai style; raw vocals at the end and you've got yourself a well-rounded song.

5. Automatic I can picture the video for this song. A car chase but perhaps that's too predicable. Unless, everyone was driving a Kcar or Oldsmobile. Seeing how this band if full of tall lads, it would be interesting to see these boys sitting in your grandma's old car. Saucy rap breaks courteousy of Adam Dick really adds to the mood of this song. My only request if this video gets made is that I can be one of the drivers. Thanks.

6. Forever. Whatever. Goodbye. It's easy to criticize a white male who decides to take up rapping, but Dick pulls it off. You can definitely feel the spark Two Crown King carries. I'm looking forward to seeing this live. With a funky guitar and bass line it's the perfect song to end the EP.

Overall this is a fast pace, tight album. It's apparent these guys have been playing together for a while. Recorded and produced at Jaska Studio in Hamliton, who's website speaks for itself (check it out here) Two Crown King, stepped it up a knoch with this one. The album artwork is beautiful, created by Jacqui Oakley head to her website to see more. I have the feeling TCK has a positive looking future. They literally have this down to a science. And when we are all trying to make it adist the land of DIY, it's interesting to see the other side of production. I think this proves that you can still go into a 'professional' studio come out with a clean finished product, if that's what you're into.

You can catch Two Crown King at their CD Release show this Friday July 16th at Music Hall.

AND their website:

Two Crown King is:

Ajay Massey - guitar
Adam Dick - rapper
Sean Goodchild - vocals
Jeremy Pimentel - bass
Scotty Sheild - keys
Pat Maloney - drums

Two Crown King in-studio photographs by Cory Downing.