Review: Kim's Convenience at The Grand Theatre

Incredible. I could stop this review right there but of course I'm unable to contain the various things I need to say about how much I enjoyed Kim's Convenience at The Grand Theatre. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from a plot that's set entirely in a convenience store, chronicling the typical work day of a Korean man living in Toronto. Yet, this particular day was anything but typical. For the play's entire hour and a half duration, I felt as though I was looking in on the musings of a real family, real happiness, real troubles, real quirks, real...everything. Wonderfully written and brilliantly acted, this play is for one and all, I'm confident that people of all preferences would just love it.

Throughout the play, I was taken back to my own childhood where I would go to my best friend's family's convenience store to "work" (aka play) during the summer. Seeing the exchanges between family members and meeting character after character are some of my best childhood memories. You never fully think about the bigger picture when encountering people and places you interact with everyday but this play took me right back and also did a fantastic job of illustrating the trials and triumphs such people go through consecutively in an unmatched and extremely moving way.

So many emotions are played out on this stage from the undying but complicated love parents have for their children and vice versa as well as the hopes and dreams of an individual and the sacrifices required in order to provide for a family. Every character exudes a story larger than what could be scripted but it's all implied and concisely displayed for an invested and captivated audience. Everything is done to a tee from the choice of characters to the impeccable set design. Trust me, you'll feel as though you're just a fly on the wall to an everyday interlude between family members. I also strongly recommend bringing some tissues, I certainly could have used them!

Essentially, this play will make you laugh, make you cry, make you happy, make you sad, but above all, it will make you think. You will reconsider how you view certain people, what they may appear to be, and the larger things that may be going on in their own lives. To me, everyday, seemingly monotonous stories make for the most epic of tales. There's so much going on in this world than meets the eye and Kim's Convenience proclaims this and definitely in one of the best shows I've had the pleasure to see at The Grand.

The show runs until February 2nd and you can find more info here or visit The Grand's website at