The London Music Awards: HA. HA.

It's that time of year again. It's time for the London Music Awards. That time of year where I always need to pinch myself to make sure this isn't some kind of nightmare.

I can't think of a more clever way to make a bucket full of cash while pretending to help support culture and scene building in London. Way to do the least amount of work possible.

Let's start by looking at the nominee page. Take a gander! Hmm, the first thing I notice is the heinous amount of nominees. To me, this is saying, "Instead of curating the list, we just put every goddamn band/producer/etc on the list, so that everyone in London will spam all their friends, family and fans to come vote. This gives great exposure to our website, our "magazine" (Scene Magazine) and we'll probably be able to get a bunch more online advertisers to PAY US"

From their website: "Those who receive the greatest number of votes receive The London Music Award in their category." So, unlike the Jack Richardson Music Awards, where groups of judges and experts in each field determine who is mose deserving in the scene, The LMAs just let the public choose. I'm all for empowering the people, but don't you think this might skew the results a little? Let's think about this, perhaps there are types of music that are enjoyed by people less likely to spend all day on the internet. Perhaps, a band, who may very well be the best band in the history of bands, doesn't spend all day promoting their nomination on their facebook page-I wish there were more bands like this..

Beyond the dubious nature of their nominating process, is the fact that they charge admission for the ceremony. So, on top of making a band spend weeks spamming the internet, now they're expected to pay to attend the ceremony AND probably sell tickets to all their adoring fans, cause really, who wants to show up to an awards show without an entourage? Whether or not you like the JRMAs, at least it's free to attend.

Not only do the LMAs exploit musicians in London, receiving an award from them is basically as good as winning a grade 3 class election. It's less than a popularity contest, it's just a "let's see how many people will click my name" contest.

Let's all take a moment to think about how brutal Scene Magazine is, and how much of a joke the LMAs are and always will be. And congradulations to all the nominees.