Handmade Story Telling: The Listeners​/​These Train Tracks

Children are uniquely gifted with an incredible imagination that is often overshadowed by the adult world. The story of Le Petit Prince explores this and other dynamics of a kid's life that are often overlooked or forgotten by adults. One of the cool things I most look forward to doing with my 5-month-old as he grows older is reading him stories that spark his imagination. 

Breathe Owl Breathe are about to release a really cool children's book, coupled with a seven-inch vinyl record, that looks to be a book I'll be reading to my 5-month-old soon. Judging by the images and the sounds you can glean form their flickr and bandcamp, The Listeners / These Train Tracks makes for a sweet bed-time story-telling experience comprised of cool illusrations and melodies. The entire book is hand-printed from wood blocks and is constructed in Michigan by Middaugh.

You can preorder the book from their website. Expect them to start shipping around December 6th.