Children are uniquely gifted with an incredible imagination that is often overshadowed by the adult world. The story of Le Petit Prince explores this and other dynamics of a kid's life that are often overlooked or forgotten by adults. One of the cool things I most look forward to doing with my 5-month-old as he grows older is reading him stories that spark his imagination. 

Breathe Owl Breathe are about to release a really cool children's book, coupled with a seven-inch vinyl record, that looks to be a book I'll be reading to my 5-month-old soon. Judging by the images and the sounds you can glean form their flickr and bandcamp, The Listeners / These Train Tracks makes for a sweet bed-time story-telling experience comprised of cool illusrations and melodies. The entire book is hand-printed from wood blocks and is constructed in Michigan by Middaugh.

You can preorder the book from their website. Expect them to start shipping around December 6th.