#CYOA: A Variety Show for the Forest City

by Sara Mai Chitty
Four diverse musical acts, beer tastings and a comedy duo are invading Call the Office this Friday.
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Fuse TV: The Sights & Sounds Of Elora Riverfest

by pattiffin
In the middle of last August, LondonFUSE’s intrepid video crew braved the sweltering summer heat to capture the sights, sounds, and the insanity that was Riverfest...
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"Walgreens Rapper" Stacey Kay to Perform Live on The East Side

by Aleksandra Mackiewicz
The emerging superstar makes her way to London.
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Romance Blooms On-Stage in 'She Loves Me'

by Deanne Kondrat
Real-life couple Duane Woods & Kristina Baron-Woods star in Musical Theatre Productions’ She Loves Me, now showing at The McManus Studio Theatre.
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Swallow Flies With Power, Grace

by Melony Holt
The Arts Project an ideal venue for minimalist production.
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Escape to Better Weather with Rima Sater

by spookybling
Rima Sater is an artist from #ldnont but her art exists in another place entirely.
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Fuse Film Guide: Feb. 5-11

by Meagan Puterman
The best films to feast your eyes on in #ldnont this week.
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Stop The Presses, Start the Projector

by Sammy Roach
London’s newest magazine was definitely a must-watch
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Redefining the idea of a magazine

by Bob Klanac
Kangaroo Variety launches its debut issue, er- performance, er- variety event.
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