Superior Sounds

by Nick J Scott
Talking headphone mixes, Cassavetes and the deep South with Bryce Clifford.
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by Tyler Overland
Get to know upcoming Halifax pop trio Mauno, listen to their debut LP and learn what a deflating air mattress sounds like.
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Rebirth of the Wolf

by Deanne Kondrat
Madison Foster discusses her latest adventure, girl bands and how the era of Napster lives on.
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Getting thrills on a Saturday night

by Lisa Rivers
The APK hosted a fun and frightening night of local variety act's "thrillshow".
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Elevating Club Lavish

by Pamela Haasen
Siena McLachlan, VP of the Elevation Arts Venue (at Club Lavish) tells us about the direction, purpose and fun behind 'Elevation'.
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A rock star in correspondence

by Deanne Kondrat
“This is a way for this nerdy little kid to go to rock concerts and be a part of a rock festival,” Fuse talks to Lefty Smudges about 365 postcards and being a music fest messenger.
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NetFlakes: Quit Shaolin off! Part 2!

by Chris Haché
All good things need a lesser sequel. Here's ours!
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Illustrated novels and diary comics

by Jay Clair
Take a look through the lens of a teenage girl in San Francisco circa 1970, a sixteen year old's life before death, and the all-smoke-and-no-fire "Melody" in this week's comic blog
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Fuse Weekend Guide

by Nicole Borland
Here's what's goin' down in London town from August 28-30.
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