Pat Maloney: A storyteller by trade

by Casey Beal
The local musician talks to Fuse about his latest album, an upcoming show at London Music Club, and touring, constantly.
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No London Festival Recap

by P-Lobzun
A brief summary of London's 2016 noise festival.
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Chixdiggit have been hanging out with you for 25 years

by Sara Mai Chitty
The pop punk foursome from Calgary, AB are celebrating twenty five years in style - with their own beer and a new album
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Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

by Pamela Haasen
How director Marina Sheppard is going to bring Frank McGuinness' classic story of culture-divide to a London audience (and not piss everyone off).
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London, let's do the Time Warp again...

by Nicole Borland
Rocky Horror Picture Show is back for its second run, and in classic Transylvanian fashion, it's going to be amazing!
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Review: Portraits, Self and Others (It's Complicated)

by Robin De Angelis
A McIntosh Gallery exhibition explores the portrait in the age of the selfie.
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FuseTV: London Comic Con 2016

by pattiffin
LondonFuse’s “Special” Correspondent Pat Tiffin traverses a sea of cosplayers to get the best interviews from London Comic Con 2016...
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Fuse Weekend Guide October 21-23

by Madelene Lauris
It's that time of year - Let's do the time warp again!
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Ouija Like To Hear a Ghost Story?

by Alexandra Jaworiwsky
Alex J walks us through Eldon House's haunted history.
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